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Family Owned & Run

Back in 2005 When a loved one was told in her family they need to watch their dietary and sugar intake it automatically made her aware of her own diet. This is what happened to the founder of Delicate Delights, her father was told that he needed to start watching his diet and was at risk of diabetes. She noticed her father was eating big brand cereal bars instead of snacking on crisps and other junk foods. Alarm bells began ringing when the family saw that sugar levels always came on the high side even though his whole diet had been given a full overhaul. Her brother who is a health fanatic kept an eye on their fathers food intake and then noticed that the so called Healthy snacks he was consuming were actually jam packed with the following- sugar, glucose syrup, Dextrose, artificial sugars & artificial/Flavours. She then began making mixed seeds and berry treats at home without the use of sugary syrups, which became a big hit amongst friends and family and with the help from her Father & Mother the rest as they say is History. Now branched out and run by her & her husband in the United Kingdom, Canada & USA.

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